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How To Check The Oil Level in Your Car Phoenix, AZ

mechanic checking oil stick

Whether you drive a Jaguar XF or an F-PACE, knowing how to check the oil level in your car can save you time and money. Thanks to the electronic oil monitors in most new vehicles, it’s easy to keep up with your Jaguar maintenance schedule for oil changes. In the guide below, Jaguar North Scottsdale covers everything you need to know about how to check car oil using your car’s electronic monitoring system or a traditional oil dipstick.

How To Use an Electric Oil Monitor in Phoenix, AZ

Like the majority of new models on the market, newer Jaguar vehicles include a dash display for the oil level. To get an accurate reading, park on a level surface and wait a few minutes so that the oil can settle. Here’s how to check car oil using your car’s electronic monitoring system:

  1. Turn off your ignition and wait for ten minutes. Waiting gives the oil a chance to seattle back into the pan, providing you with a more accurate reading.
  2. Turn your key to one position to the right in the ignition — so that the electronics turn on, but your engine remains off.
  3. Navigate to the vehicle information screen using your vehicle’s infotainment display.
  4. Select ‘Oil Level’. Give the system a few minutes to register your current oil level.

If the reading indicates that you need to add more oil, open the hood and locate the oil reservoir cap, which should be clearly marked. Working slowly, add oil using a funnel. Be sure not to overfill, and continue re-checking the level after each addition. 

Keep in mind that you should only fill your engine with an approved oil product. Check your owner’s manual to be sure, and then order what you need or stop into our parts department.

How to Check the Oil Level in a Car with a Dipstick

Most newer Jaguar models don’t use an oil dipstick, but you’ll need to check your oil this way if you drive a slightly older model. Park on level ground, cut the engine, and wait a few minutes for it to cool down. Here’s how to check a car’s oil using a traditional oil dipstick:

  1. Find the dipstick. In most vehicles, it’s immediately left or right of the engine.
  2. Draw the dipstick from its sheath and wipe it clean with a rag. At this point, it’s worth checking that the oil isn’t dark black or full of small metal particles. If you notice these signs, schedule service for an oil change at your local Scottsdale Jaguar service center.
  3. Insert the clean oil dipstick back into the sheath. Draw it out once more and check to see that the oil level reaches between “Min” and “Max”.

Jaguar North Scottsdale Can Help with All Your Jaguar Maintenance Needs

As you can see, learning how to check the oil level in a car is a simple process! Ready for another DIY car-care challenge at home in Phoenix or Peoria? Contact us today for more tips from the experts at Jaguar North Scottsdale.

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